Mary Welsh


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Mary Welsh
PO Box 102
Williamsville, VT 05362

The Idea
My collages are depictions of what we all take for granted — houses, rooms and their contents. Viewing these scenes evokes memories and fantasies of what we know about houses and rooms, and these memories and fantasies become incorporated in our experience of the work. Some things are exactly what they appear to be, some things are not. These dwellings, their settings and contents, reveal the layers of mystery surrounding the lives of all of us. I use found materials placed in new contexts to ask questions about appearances and reality and to stimulate our imaginations about new possibilities.

The Process
Mary Welsh’s collages are made of found materials from art magazines, art books, calendars and end papers which are glued with acid free acrylic medium on birch or mahogany plywood panels that have been prepared with acrylic gesso. The work is sealed with several coats of clear acrylic varnish. The frame moldings are of a custom design manufactured exclusively for these works and each frame is hand-painted with acrylics in patterns and colors suited to the particular collage. The back of each work is sealed and the front is protected with ultravioletfiltering plexiglass.